AI-powered vocabulary learning
The smartest way to perfect your English

What is WordUp?

WordUp is a revolutionary app for learning new English words and improving your vocabulary. It’s unlike anything you might have seen before.

Learn what Matters

WordUp has ranked all the words in the English language in order of how useful they are. You make the most out of your learning time, because you focus on what matters the most.

Learn in Context

Using Artificial Intelligence, WordUp analyses millions of movies, TV shows, songs, news stories and famous people's quotes, to bring you the most helpful, engaging and enjoyable examples for each word.

You will truly learn, and even 'feel', how to use each word in real life, while enjoying the process. Learning has never been more fun!

Remember Forever

When you learn a new word, the next day it will check if you remember it. If not, you see the meaning and examples to practice again. This repeats until one day you say I remember.

Then it comes back in 3 days.
Still remembered? It comes up in 7 days.
...then a month... then 3 months...
Still remembered after a year? That's it!
You’ve learned it for life (scientifically proven)!

Personalised for You

WordUp first maps out where the gaps in your knowledge are, and creates a personalised learning plan that focuses on one word at a time, always ensuring that you are learning the most useful word first.

Designed for Life

WordUp will become a part of your life, supporting you every day. Once you build a map of your knowledge gaps, you will start to fill them. It’s a journey that never ends. You’ll take charge of your vocabulary, as WordUp will guide you throughout your life, so you become smarter every day.

Productive Pastime

WordUp can be your best pastime activity. Rather than wasting time on social media, you can consume entertaining news and other content that WordUp will gather for you, all while improving your knowledge in a relaxed fashion.

Are you an English Learner?

The English language is extensive and complicated. It’s hard to know which words, out of all the words, are the most useful to learn. WordUp will help you manage your learning journey and make it ultra-efficient.

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Are you an English Teacher?

Every person starts their learning journey at a different level and learns at a different pace. As a teacher, it is important to personalise your lesson plans to ensure you are maximising your time with each student. WordUp will help you assess your students’ level of vocabulary and help them learn new and useful words in each lesson.

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Are you an Employer?

In order for organisations to operate at their highest efficiency, team members must be able to work collaboratively and communicate effectively. WordUp can help your team learn useful words to help them communicate with their colleagues and improve their output.

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Are you a Government Official?

The main aim of any highly integrated community is getting different groups of people, from different backgrounds and different beliefs, to understand one another. This can only be done through effective communication to one another. But when each person's language skills are at a different level, this can be difficult to do. WordUp is an app that can help ensure that members of your community can communicate with one another.

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About us

WordUp is developed by the Geeks Foundation. We are the non-profit arm of Geeks Ltd, an award winning software company in London, UK.

The foundation’s mission is combining innovative ideas with the latest digital tech, to tackle everyday problems for people around the world.

Our philanthropic vision is improving life experience for everyone, for the rich and the poor alike.

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