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When I first saw this app, I thought it was also like all the other apps. But after using this app, I noticed that I can practise and explore a lot of words from there and there are so many examples to learn from videos, quotes, news and tv shows. One of the features I really like about this app is translating to our native language. There are a lot of language translators to download. Although we can practise our pronunciations by clicking the speaking buttons.


This got to be the best app, it was so hard to find a good app that actually keep showing you the same words until you get it, it will make hard words you learn at school but forget it very quick stay in your head at all times I’ve actually enjoyed this app so much and don’t plan on quitting, plus if the free parts of the apps this amazing imagine spending money for other features of the apps like games, you could use this app literally for entertainment while bettering your vocabulary. Keep up the great work with app rocks 🔥

Luka Nestorovic

The best app for learning English vocabulary I've ever downloaded. It really provides you with explanations, content and examples about a certain word. It memorizes your progress in learning process. I'm utterly grateful for having downloaded it. Keep adding new vocabulary and great work!!! 😉 The only thing I'd change is having to go premium in order to unlock games and video scenes, but the most important thing is to learn, so I'm not botherted with it that much. Thanks, anyway! 😃👏


I’m really grateful for the people who made this app. I’ve learned a lot using it. Thank you guys God bless you


Exactly what I was looking for. I would also recommend watching films and series in English in order to be able to consolidate the colloquial language. With this app, individual words can be learned. I hope that one day I will not only understand some scenes in a literal sense, but also literally - in short: being able to speak fluent English is my big goal :)


I was literally searching desperately for app like this. Its beyond expectations, i am really happy with it!!! Highly recommended

Sara Rodriguez

I really love this app, it has helped me a lot to learn new words and to remind some of them that I was not sure.


No words to describe how good this app is, first beautiful UI, second very nice UX experience, and the words , phrases and idiom you can learn are insane. It is so nice that you can choose your own explantAtion to various meaning with the same word. This app is non reasonably cheap and even if you can afford to pay, the options is to promote them, share the love, love the concept a lot


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