Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: I don't understand. How does this app work?

This animation explains how WordUp works.

FAQ: Why are some words missing in your database?

The English language has hundreds of thousands of words. Most of them are used rarely, or in very specific specialist areas.
The mission of WordUp is not to be just a dictionary. For that, you have Google.
WordUp is focused on the Most useful words based on how frequently they are globally used.
However, we will introduce a new feature to allow you to add any custom word, so you can manage all your words in one place.

FAQ: Why can I not see the translations (in my native language)?

It can be because the translation file is not fully downloaded.
To fix it, from the Menu tab, go to Preferences. Then toggle the Translation switch off and then back on again.
Wait for a few seconds and then look up a word.

FAQ: Why can I not download it from the Google Play Store?

Occasionally when you try to download WordUp you get an error message. This is due to a problem in the Google store.
If you try again in a few minutes (or sometimes an hour) it will download OK.
If the problem persists, please email support at so we can try to help you.

FAQ: How can I search for a word?

A search icon is available on the home page of the app, at the top right corner.
Note: If you are inside another page, you can press Back to return to the home page.

FAQ: Why can I not hear the pronounciations?

Make sure your phone is not in silent mode. Check the volume on your phone. Check your internet connectivity. If everything is OK, close and reopen the app.

FAQ: Why is the level so easy? I want more difficult words.

By default, the system suggests a range based on your total known vocabulary assessment.
But you are not limited to that. In the Gap Map page you can see a line for every 1000 words, ranging from the easiest to the hardest.
You can pick any range that you'd like to focus on.