Learn what matters the best way!

Using cutting-edge technology, the best teaching methods, and memory techniques, WordUp helps you learn the most important words that English speakers commonly use and remember them for life. Take advantage of entertaining examples and exercises to make learning new English words a daily habit.

Learn the best words, the best way!

Learn the most Practical words!

Analysing 600,000 movies and TV shows, checking up trusted dictionaries such as Oxford, we’ve sorted all English words by how commonly used they are in the real world and culture. This helps you get the most out of the time spent on learning!

Remember For Life!

Using a proven learning method and technology, WordUp ensures that you will never forget what you’ve learned! How is it possible? Get cleverly scientifically timed reminders to review what you learn, so they stick in your head forever.

Goal Tracking!

WordUp will notify you to keep up with your goals, every single day! After a few weeks, you see how your communication skills improved! Let WordUp keep track of your progress!

Learn with fun

Think of playing a game and learning new words on our newest version! Variety of games with spelling, pronunciation and pictures made learning more enjoyable than ever!

YouTube videos

We have collected over 10million videos from the most popular YouTube channels to help you learn a word in context and to use it efficiently.

Games and challenges

Taking challenges helps us improve every day. WordUp has created engaging challenges for users to make their learning experience enjoyable and motivating.

Quotes & idioms

Are you a fan of quotes? WordUp collected motivational and empowering exact written words that inspire you from your favourite figures.

News of the day

The link between what you learn and the real world is daily news. we gain information and general knowledge through what’s happening around the world

Learn deeply

The scientific approach of language learning in WordUp ensures a deep understanding of vocabulary for everyone.

Translation per definition!

Word translations help us understand its meaning better and faster. WordUp translates all meanings of the word into your native language

Audio and visual content

Learning a word is much easier when seeing how it is used in real life. WordUp will show you a word’s photo, pronunciation, and plenty of real examples in the news or even movies.

Memory techniques

Here are some Memory techniques helping people with learning at WordUp Spaced repetition, Active Recall, Mnemonic, Peg System, The Art of memory

Idioms and phrases

Native English speakers use a lot of idioms and phrases with different meanings rather than words used. Learning idioms and using them help you look more natural when speaking.

Take charge of your knowledge

WordUp helps you discover the gaps in your vocabulary knowledge. By playing a mini game for a few minutes per day, within a few days you can build up a full map of which English words you know, and which you don`t. It will bring you clarity and puts you in control.

Designed for a lifetime

Your personal knowledge map will be your guide for life. Create your knowledge map only once and then relax. WordUp will lead you every day to fill the gaps from the top (most important word) to the bottom. WordUp can become your best habit - to live a smarter life, filled with the joy of learning every day.

Productive pastime

Spending less time on social media is what you wish to do? Install WordUp, the ideal app where you spend time enjoying learning and do not feel guilty. News stories, quotes and words of wisdom from famous people, discover new movies, songs and shows. improve your knowledge at the same time without trying, in a relaxed fashion!

Integrated into your life

We are our daily habits! Let’s make a good habit and grow every day. We are learning for life with WordUp.

Browser extension

As you are browsing through google you run into several words you would like to learn, with WordUp chrome extension it's only a click away. Add words to the learning list in seconds.

Your Words

Do you have a list of words from your job to learn? or a word glossary of your personal interest. Add words you want to learn and personalise your WordUp account.

Exam preparation

There are thousands of words and resources when it comes to English proficiency tests. Prepare easily for exams by WordUp Exam preparation word set and organised methods!

Specialised categories

Learning words in categories help our minds organize them, and it helps us learn words in different situations. Focus on your favourite subject with WordUp’s vocabulary lists.