Upcoming Features & Ideas

The following are the features roadmap for WordUp. We will implement the most popular features first.

Personalise experience

I wish I could customise the words I like to learn by choosing my interests in the app and WordUp could show me what I want more, maybe by adding a list of movies, social figures and books

Personal Testing

I was wondering if you can develop a feature where can I choose the type of word tests, I always can answer word-picture questions, but I need to get better at definitions.

Subscription by Introduction

I wish I could extend my subscription by introducing WordUp on my social pages to friends and family members.

Ads on the application

I have a small business and produce English learning planner notebooks for people. I was wondering if you could promote my business in your application.

Social Sharing

Could you please add social media gifts to the app? For example, if I introduce WordUp on my Facebook page, I can have premium feature

Phrases & Idioms

WordUp is the application I have ever used for learning new words, but I wish I could learn English phrases and idioms the same way, with plenty of different examples.

Share my ads

Our company is helping students apply to top-ranked universities. I think many of WordUp users like to do the same. I wish I could ask you to introduce me to the students.

Report on progress

I use WordUp every day to learn English words for the IELTS exam. I wish I could receive my progress in my inbox and update it on my exam preparation plan.

Learning streak

I think it would be exciting if I received rewards on the streaks; for instance, if I practice my goal every day, then after a week, I can use the Eagle features for a couple of days!

Learning Grammar

I really like to learn English Grammar on WordUp at the same time with vocabulary. There are many examples for each word; if only you could add some grammar tips, that would be perfect

Friend’s gift

I like the friend feature so much. I was wondering if you could give us some free membership gifts for adding friends to WordUp


Using WordUp has accelerated my vocabulary learning speed ever since I started. It would be encouraging if I could earn a certificate after I finish each word range or when I reach certain spots on the knowledge map

Sharing Progress

I spend many hours on WordUp learning vocabulary. But since it’s a mobile app, I’d like my parents to know I’m not goofing around, and in fact, I’m doing my best. What if a feature allowed the users to share their progress with family and friends?

Videos for definitions

It’s super helpful to see the picture of the words beside them. But for some words indicating particular concepts, it’s challenging to identify the definition from a sing picture. Is it possible to include a video to represent the meaning too?

Notifying progress

 I would like to receive notifications letting me know the number of words I’ve learned every day or reminding me to use the app.

Personalised streaks

I like learning new words with WordUp a lot. But I’d like to challenge myself to a more challenging streak, like, learning 30 words a day for a month. Is it possible to add the feature?

Learn Grammar

My vocabulary range has significantly improved since I started learning new words with WordUp. I just wish there was a section on the app where I could also review grammatical points.

Proficiency Level Certification

I’ve been using WordUp for a long time. I was wondering if it was possible to include proficiency evaluation in the app so that I could receive a certificate indicating my level?

WordUp for kids

I love using WordUp! It has helped me so much that I wish it were more children-friendly so that my 6-year-old daughter and my teenage son have as much fun learning as I do?

Personalised Word Lists

Learning words based on topics is very interesting, but could you add a feature to the app allowing the user to add a personalised wordlist?

Progress Report to Teachers

My classmates and I are all on WordUp, and we can see each other’s progress. We would love to send our weekly or monthly progress reports to our teachers

Upgrade Access by invitations

Could it be possible to have full access to all app features by inviting friends?

English Idioms

I have recently moved to the US, I have been a WordUp user since 3 years ago, and it helped me a lot to learn English. What I need now is to learn idioms in English, so I sound more fluent