Upcoming Features & Ideas

The following are the features roadmap for WordUp. We will implement the most popular features first.


it will be so much appreciated if you can show us the history of our searched word in the search section


Can you please add English long stories,  short stories English literature for Reading and listening. Learn new words with transcripts. Can you please add feature English language listening writeing speaking reading in word up android and iphone windows application


What I'd love to have is being tested on different word definitions . For example if a word has more definitions I'd select those I want to learn and then I would be tested on those definitions. now I am tested only on one definition. this is not enough.


I love using your app, for it is entertaining. I wish it had some sort of badge with a memorable name for every range of words I completed.


I have seen the new add friends feature on WordUp. I would love it if there were some sort of challenge or game that we could do together on the app.


I have one suggestion. You can use tags. This way, we will be able to search the words by the tags we’ve set.


I’d love it if WordUp could add a daily target custom option.


I enjoy reading the examples of each word, and I would like to keep some of them for myself. What if there was a bookmark sign beside each example? So, we could save the ones we like to look at later.


A reverse version of the repetition would be helpful. You know,  for example, German to English.


Thank you, WordUp, for the amazing challenge cards. They really helped me remember the words. Can you add to the cards that ask for spelling or add an extra section for spelling only? There are countless words that I know their meanings but can’t write them correctly.


Your app is interesting. Make it better by adding audiobooks and stories.


Would it be possible to add more types of daily goals? For instance, there is one now that estimates based on time. There could be another estimate based on the number of words one learns every day.


I would suggest a feature of putting a link to Collins's dictionary for every word. This allows users to click it to see the word in the dictionary. Now, Collins is my favorite, but you can probably offer multiple dictionary links (a customisable list, maybe) to let users have a handy link to the dictionary for words when they review them.


I listen to a lot of audiobooks. Could you start providing Audiobooks as well?


I would like to have a synonym/antonym lookup algorithm on the WordUp app, Or even word families.


I'm currently reading fairly old books (Epictetus, Homer, Marcus Aurelius), and I'm encountering specific words used frequently in these books. It would be nice if WordUp included a section for such words.


Can you make a specific section or list for prefixes and suffixes only? This way, we can learn them with words, and they will stick in our minds.


Is it possible to organise the words to learn based on how much I need them at that particular moment? I spend a lot of time uncovering the words, so I end up with many words I don’t know on my ‘to learn’ deck. However, I don’t necessarily need all of them. It would be great if I could organise those words based on their priorities to me.


I would like an option where I can make my own sentences with the words I learn. So, what if you added a special space for making sentences and your AI system checks whether it is grammatically correct or not? You know, something like Grammarly?


I use a lot of flashcards to learn new words. I write the words on the front and the meaning on the back. Hence, it gives me time to remember the meaning I have studied before looking at it. WordUp could have such flashcards among its challenge cards too.


Include Placement tests. Some of us require to evaluate our knowledge in mock tests to see how prepared we are for the real upcoming tests.


Link kindle vocabulary builder to WordUp so we can learn the words in the books we are currently reading.


I am a programmer, and in our line of work, there are specific words and phrases, which means I require to learn the most common words to use for my job. I thought if WordUp could add a section for reviewing the more important words to each user, it would help me and people like me a lot.