5 Ways AI powered Apps Changed Learning English

5 Ways AI powered Apps Changed Learning English

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AI-Powered Apps Revolutionized Learning English

English Learning apps that use AI have changed our lives over the past few decades. In recent years, the landscape of education has undergone a revolutionary transformation, largely due to the emergence of AI-powered apps. These innovative tools have redefined language education, making it more accessible, personalized, and effective than ever before.

Technological advances powered by AI are primarily responsible for this change. Ideas can become realities with the help of artificial intelligence in many fields, including education. The traditional model of education, characterized by one-size-fits-all teaching methodologies, has evolved to embrace personalized experiences.

Technology, particularly AI-powered tools and platforms, has played a crucial role in this shift by enabling adaptive systems that cater to the individual needs and learning styles of students. By analyzing data on student performance and behavior, AI can provide personalized recommendations, adaptive assessments, and customized pathways.

This shift has put an emphasis on the importance of flexibility, adaptability, and inclusivity in education. Speaking of education, Have you heard about English learning apps, such as WordUp? What if I told you that AI could help you learn English more effectively?
Here are 6 ways AI-powered apps are changing how we learn English:


1. Personalizing Education

English learners can learn what they know and don't with the help of AI-powered apps. That way, they can focus solely on their knowledge gap and words that matter in their lives. Imagine your process being customized based on what you need, not on a general model that applies to everyone.

It is important to note that learning materials can be personalized using AI-powered applications so that learners can attain proficiency at their own pace. Another thing you should know is that personalisation is the ultimate strategy for the brain to retain a memory. Let’s see why that is.

In a personalized educational environment, students have the opportunity to engage with content that is according to their preferences. This may involve offering diverse pathways to understanding material. This can include audio, visual, or interactive resources. Technology allows for the creation of personalized content, and data-driven insights into student progress and areas for improvement.

It is important to learn what matters in your life because spoken language evokes emotions in us that act like anchors in the brain to restore information. It is more likely that information will stick to memory when a strong emotion triggers it. When you hear the word 'ground-breaking' at an awards ceremony praising your research, you'll be more likely to remember it.


2. Instant Feedback and Progress Tracking

Gone are the days of waiting for a teacher to grade assignments or provide feedback. With AI-powered apps, learners receive feedback on their performance, allowing them to identify and correct mistakes in real time. Additionally, these apps enable users to track their progress and set achievable learning goals.

This swift and tailored feedback allows students to understand their language proficiency, correct mistakes, and reinforce their understanding of the material in real time. Furthermore, AI-powered apps can utilize natural language processing to provide detailed feedback on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary usage.

Additionally, progress tracking in AI-powered apps involves continuous monitoring of a student's language proficiency and skill development. AI algorithms can identify patterns of improvement, areas for further practice, and personalized pathways.

By integrating instant feedback and progress tracking, AI-powered language tools empower students to receive personalized guidance and support, enabling them to enhance their language skills at their individual pace.


3. Using Smart Content

Before now, access to updated information or variety in the learning process was limited, especially in less economically-privileged countries. Fortunately, technological advancements and the internet have mitigated the severity of those limitations. Additionally, smartphones have made smart content accessible to everyone. You can now learn about anything, anywhere and at any time.

But what is smart content, and how does it benefit us? Basically, the purpose of smart content is to provide users with a more personalized experience on websites and apps. Smart content benefits learners in many ways:

  • AI Technology has enabled apps to create digital lessons with bite-sized information, customisable options, and study guides. As a result, learners can control the content they see in the app, and the material can be adjusted based on their abilities. 
  • Gamification can be incorporated into some apps to make learning more entertaining. This makes these apps excellent tools because our attention tends to be drawn to interesting things for a longer period of time.
  • As a result of AI technology, a variety of visualizations, web-based study groups, and simulations are available in the app so that anyone, regardless of their style, can better comprehend the new words, definitions, and examples. 
  • Apps update their information constantly, which is very convenient. In order to communicate effectively, we need access to up-to-date information. Otherwise, the message will be lost in translation.

4. Taking Advantage of Task Automation

Using AI technology, you can create a routine with a variety of tasks in the apps. Such applications may include instructions to practice new information more effectively. Also, the grading and assessment stages can be automated. So, the users know where they stand in terms of English proficiency.

English teachers greatly benefit from this advantage. Using an English learning app like WordUp allows teachers to spend more time upgrading the lesson quality or doing other things. Task automation simplifies the process for the learners as well.

You may have felt overwhelmed or withdrawn from your teacher and peers when given task instructions in class if you are introverted or suffer from social anxiety. These unpleasant experiences are caused by fear of making mistakes, anxiety, or fear of being ridiculed.

Learners who are uncomfortable speaking in front of others or participating in group activities benefit from task automation. Following instructions in a more convenient place may help them progress. In addition, some of these apps feature virtual assessments and chat boxes for personal assistance that remove the fear of making mistakes or embarrassing oneself.


5. A Tutor in Your Pocket

Let’s face it. Nowadays, we are all running around, juggling several things at the same time. Meanwhile, we all have dreams of our own that we wish to make true. A reliable English learning app can tutor you through lessons you otherwise have to sit through in class. This way, you can save a lot of time and energy and use it to do something else.

Due to limited class time, teachers are unable to devote much time to challenging topics. On the other hand, AI-powered applications provide learners with different types of definitions and examples, ensuring their comprehension.

Do you worry about not catching up with your class? Well, you don’t have to go through that stress any longer. Practice as much as you want and as long as you want with English learning apps. It is like having a tutor and a study buddy at the same time.

In every language learners journey part of what motivates us is having interactions with other learners. Furthermore, specially during the initial stages of learning it is important to receive instant feedback to avoid fossilization of mistakes. This occurs when you make a mistake and are not corrected. Through using such tools it is possible to have an English Tutor in your pocket at all times.


Easier Access to Education for Those with Special Needs

Students with special needs often do not receive the education that they deserve in schools or other institutions. Despite their limitations, they may be very smart and talented, and the lack of education may rob them of a brighter future.

Easier access to education for individuals with special needs has been greatly affected by advancements in technology. Technology has played a crucial role in breaking down barriers, enabling individuals with special needs to access educational resources, receive specialized instruction, and participate in activities.

One significant advancement has been the development of assistive technologies, including specialized software, communication devices, and adaptive tools. These technologies can provide support for individuals with visual, auditory, or physical impairments, as well as those with learning disabilities.

Whether physical or virtual, AI-powered technology has effectively created many opportunities for teaching learners with special needs. With the right learning apps, those learners will never again be excluded from getting a proper education.

Learning English with AI-Powered Apps

It is a great idea to learn English with apps. They are excellent for teaching vocabulary, phrases, idioms, or even reviewing grammatical tips and structures. Yet, such apps often raise valid issues regarding interaction and communication. Moreover, structural English is more understandable when it is taught in classrooms.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop using them! Not at all! It may not be practical to use English learning apps as an independent source of learning, but they can be an excellent supplement to textbooks and classes. The apps can help you improve your vocabulary as well as your general understanding of English.

The next question is which AI-powered apps you should try first.

Easy! WordUp is the best place to start.

WordUp offers a convenient space for learning new English words, accessible for all learners worldwide. You can easily improve your English proficiency and have fun doing it.