Using Spaced Repetition for Learning New Words

Using Spaced Repetition for Learning New Words

Optimize learning with Spaced Repetition! Master new words efficiently, ensuring lasting retention.

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Spaced repetition accelerates learning

A spaced repetition system is a memory technique specifically designed to help you remember new words when you are about to forget them. By increasing the review session intervals, you can eventually improve vocabulary retention. Do you want to remember new vocabulary better? Spaced repetition is what you need. 
A spaced repetition system (SRS) is a presentation technique to prolong remembering particular information, which is significantly helpful in learning new English words. It reminds you of the words and their definitions the moment you are about to forget them. Because of space repetition’s great application capacity, this method is now used in many popular learning apps like WordUp. Of course, WordUp is so much more than just a memory technique.

Now, how can we use a spaced repetition system to improve English vocabulary learning? Stay with us a while longer to find out.


What is spaced repetition?

The spacing effect is a phenomenon in which information is more likely to be remembered if it is reviewed at increasing intervals. This is because the brain needs time to process and store new information. Cramming information into the brain does not guarantee that it will be remembered, as it is likely to be forgotten within a day. However, if the information is reviewed regularly at increasing intervals, the brain will have enough time to process and store it in the long-term memory.

The spaced repetition technique is a method of studying that takes advantage of the spacing effect. In this technique, the information is scheduled for review in specific intervals. This allows the brain to rest and grow, and it also helps to prevent the information from being forgotten. Studies have shown that the spaced repetition technique is an effective way to learn and remember information.


How does it work?

The spaced repetition technique is a scientifically proven methodology for smart revisions. By gradually increasing the intervals in the spaced periods of one day, two days, etc., the brain is nudged to remember the info for a lifetime instead of a limited period.

Suppose you have 30 words to learn, it is not as practical as it seems to study them every day. Challenge the brain neurons and Incorporate increasing spaces between the days you study the words. The procedure can be done either manually or through a software program or an application.


Spaced Repetition Software: The Future of English Vocabulary Learning

Flashcards have been a popular method for teaching English words for years. They were once stored in a file box and contained the new vocabulary that students would pick out and practice learning independently. However, with the rise of technology, spaced repetition software, such as apps, has become more popular among learners. These apps are accessible and convenient, making them more likely to be used regularly.

A vocabulary learning app such as WordUp is an excellent example of an app that not only reviews the words users are learning but also allows them to set increasing interval times based on their learning abilities.


How does active recall help in learning new vocabulary

Nobody likes taking exams. However, testing yourself is an essential part of learning, and it doesn’t have to be painful! Engage in fun and exciting activities accessible online or on vocabulary learning apps and track your progress. Remember that waiting to learn all the materials and then attempting testing does not promise anyone retention. What to do is to test yourself at every stage of revision, which is called active recall.

You retrieve information from memory when you test your knowledge and understanding at the specified intervals you’ve designed for revision. Consequently, your brain is triggered to make more effort to remember the data.

Combining spaced repetition and active recall techniques

Spaced repetition and active recall techniques are both beneficial separately. However, together, they can make a difference in learning new English words. That way, the brain is triggered and pushed out of its comfort zone to remember the required info and store it somewhere available should it be needed.

Combining spaced repetition and active recall techniques is a surefire path to vocabulary retention. WordUp has successfully proved that their combination works excellently. Using engaging challenge cards, users can learn, review and test themselves on this spaced repetition app and track their progress on its unique knowledge map. WordUp is very passionate about enhancing learning. That’s why it gets itself constantly improves to meet its users’ expectations and needs.

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