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With WordUp Pro membership, you'll experience a totally unique learning experience in learning English with Unlimited examples (videos, news, quotes). Adapt your learning process to what you think is best for your needs. WordUp Eagle membership is available anytime, anywhere with offline access. So start using WordUp Eagle membership today!

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Knowledge Map Focus on what matter! WordUp maps out which words you do and don't know. It creates a pesonalised plan to teach you the most important word you don't know yet, and then the next.
Word Definitions Clear and simple definitions for every meaning of every word, in partnership with the Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionsary.
Translations Get translations for every meaning of each word, validated by our global community.
Smart Repetition Save your time and energy lean with scientifically proven methods.
Progress Tracking Set a goal and WordUp will make sure you will achieve it, with detailed progress tracking.
Learn with Friends Share the journey with your loved ones. Leaderboards, competitions, games and more.
Ad-free Enjoy WordUp more and learn faster with zero ads or interruptions.
Learn in Context Get full confidence to use the words correctly, wit real-world examples from movies, TV, songs, famous people's quotes.
Offline Learn and practice faster, anytime and anywhere.
Chrome Extension Extend your Knowledge Map to desktop. As you study, work or browse, it magically highlights and translated just the words you don't know!
Word Photos Help your brain memorise faster and easier through pictures for almost every English word!
IELTS & TOEFL Prep Get a higher score faster by focusing on the exam-specific word lists.
Topics and Word-lists Focus on words important to your job, field of study or personal interests.
Personalised Examples Enjoy learning even more, with word examples picked from your favourite people, movies, etc.
Idioms & Phrases Speak English like a native, with over 4000 everyday expressions, phrasal verbs and, idioms.

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